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Post  scooter on Thu Oct 16, 2014 10:44 pm

Have you noticed how many medical ads are shown on TV every day? Almost every commercial is relating to some medical product, service, etc. And they all say if you have any adverse effects, call your doctor immediately. Have you ever tried to call your doctor 'immediately' and get to speak to him? Probably never - at least I haven't. You get a receptionist and she will try to have you make an appointment. If you're lucky, she might put a 'technician' on the line (no more nurses) and the 'technician' has almost no knowledge about the matter you are calling about. This has happened a few times to me and in frustration, I've had to hang up. If my call was about something serious, I had to go to a nearby hospital emergency.
Just my two cents about the medical situation nowadays. The credo seems to be "Fast in - Fast out." In the past my doctors would take their time to answer your questions. No more.

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